The fight of his life was for someone else.

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The Good Fight is the true story of Chuck Woodworth, a professional heavyweight boxer who stepped out of the ring to serve a Mormon mission, then stepped back in for one last, daring fight. The prize money from his improbable victory allowed an impoverished Polynesian family to travel to the New Zealand temple where they were united as an eternal family.

At a time when Mormons – and Mormon temples – are often viewed with suspicion, this story provides an opportunity to share the simple and beautiful nature of eternal marriage.

We seek to bring this story to life as a major motion picture, presented not merely to an audience of Mormons, but to the world at large through a worldwide theatrical release.

Producing such a film will be no small task. But several milestones have already been reached: The Woodworth family has consented to the production of the film; the screenplay has been completed; and comprehensive budgets and shooting schedules have been created.

This site was created in the spring of 2013 as a brief and informal way of sharing the goals and progress of this film with potential investors. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.

Questions are welcomed at We invite all to share this site with any who may be interested.

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